Surrey is a suburb of Vancouver that lies on the southern banks of the Fraser River. It’s a bedroom community that has experienced explosive growth in recent decades as people from all over Canada, as well as a significant number of people from Japan and elsewhere in Asia, settled there. Remarkably, it is believed that sometime during the mid-2020s Surrey will actually become British Columbia’s most populous city, surpassing Vancouver itself. Nearly 90% of the structures in Surrey are detached residential structures and most were built in the past 30 years. Residential moving companies in Surrey can typically count on plenty of business as more homes continue to come online and existing ones are sold and resold at every higher prices.

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Unlike in Vancouver, which in places can remind one of San Francisco, the topology of Surrey is basically flat and unremarkable. Also, for such a large and fast-growing city the Surrey commercial district, or downtown, isn’t really much of a downtown at all. This reflects the fact that people relocating to Surrey do so to live here while conducting most of their business dealings in the office towers of Vancouver just to the north. This is not to say there isn’t a central business district (there is and it straddles King George Blvd near Holland Park), just that it’s more reminiscent of something you’d see in California rather than Vancouver or Toronto.

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Industrial activity in Surrey is concentrated along the banks of the Fraser and separated from the Surrey residential area by a substantial greenway which rings the city to the west and north. A commercial business relocating to Surrey will find the experience mostly hassle-free while the local residential move in Surrey has become something of a cultural touchstone. The city does not have any streets designated as resident-only parking, which makes the job of moving companies in Surrey that much easier. However, they openly encourage off-street parking and moving vans parked for long periods are bound to attract official attention. Because of the expansive layout of the central business district moving companies in Surrey also typically find parking to be both abundant and accessible.

Typical House/Apartment Moves

  • 1 Bedroom

  • $400-$600
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for apartments. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Bedrooms

  • $500-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for small houses and apartments.
  • 3+ Bedrooms

  • $700-$1,100
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for medium sized houses and large apartments.

Typical Office Moves

  • 1 Room

  • $500-$700
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a small sized office. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Rooms

  • $600-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a medium sized office. These moves tend to take an afternoon.
  • 3+ Rooms

  • $900-$1,500
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a large sized office. These moves larger moves and can last a day.