Moving heavy and large items is something we specialize in. We don’t just send guys who lift. These men specialize in properly transferring large items like pianos or safes to and from our truck. Our movers know how to use dolly’s, sliders, and blankets to properly move items that are very heavy. This includes:

  1. Furniture
  2. Pianos
  3. Pool tables
  4. Safes
  5. Kitchen equipment (dishwasher, countertops, and more)

Moving Your Piano

Pianos are very expensive. The weight and shape of a piano can make moving it very difficult. We’ve moved enough pianos to know exactly what’s involved in moving a piano. We’ll make sure your piano is not damaged, chipped or scratched. Our staff is highly trained so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. We’ll make sure all parts secured
  2. We have the equipment to move pianos easily
  3. We have the proper training to move pianos

Moving Your Pool Table

Moving a pool table can be tedious and hard. We know exactly how to take pool table apart and put it back together. Pool tables are heavy and very expensive. What you don’t want to do is damage your pool table where the table becomes uneven.

  1. We’ll measure your pool table first
  2. If we can’t move it, we’ll disassemble your pool table
  3. We’ll then put it on a dolly and transfer it to our truck
  4. Finally, we’ll move and put your table back together in your new home

Moving Your Safe & Vault

We can move any safe or vault up to 20,000 pounds. Our professional movers have the proper equipment to move safes from your home or business. We’re available day, night, weekdays and weekends so you never have to worry about leaving your safe behind.

  1. We’ll move safes up to 20,000 pounds
  2. We can move safes and vaults
  3. We offer binding rates

Steps When Moving Large Heavy Items


Large items need to be measured before any move starts.


Most large items can be taken apart and moved. Disassembling will be next.

Move It

Our movers will move your large item to its new location.


Our movers will move and put your piano & pool table back together if need be.


Just because you have a large item, doesn’t mean you have to spend $1000s moving it. Our moving consultants are fair in their estimate. Our professional movers are also highly trained in moving large items so you don’t have to worry.

Regardless of weight, size, and shape, you can count us for large item moves.

Moving Houses & Apartments




These are average rates. Prices may differ depending on each move.