Moving your office is exciting. What’s not fun is moving very heavy office furniture. In most cases, your staff can not and should not be moving heavy equipment into and out of trucks. Mule Moving will safely pack and unpack your office at an affordable rate you can count on.

We can not only pack everything for your office but also disassemble and reassemble office furniture. Mule Moving can also assist with junk removal and recycling of need be. Our fully trained staff will take care of everything while you and your staff enjoy your new digs.

Small Office Moves

Not all office are built the same. Most of our office moves are small (less than 1500 sqft). We have a specific checklist for small office moves so that no one wastes any time.

Downtime is not something we enjoy. Call us and get a free estimate and consultation on how we’ll move your small.

Large Office Moves

Large offices require time and planning before a big move. Packing and moving a large office should now be something at the top of your list. That’s what Mule Moving is for.

If you have an office that’s 1500 sqft or more, call us ad get a few consultation on what it takes to move a large office.

How We Successfully Move Offices


Plan what you need to be moved and what you need recycled.

Inventory & Tagging

Tag and make sure you know exactly what you’ll be moving to your new office.

Packing & Prep

You can pack yourself or hire our professional movers to pack for you.


You can either unpack yourself or have us unpack for you so your staff doesn’t waste time.

Office Moving Costs

Moving offices generally takes longer tan residential moves. That doesn’t mean you’ll pay $1000s for a simple move across the city. Some companies charge $3000+ for a simple move just because you’re business. We don’t think that’s fair since everything is ridiculously expensive. Our rates are very competitive while being just as good as any of the big box moving companies in the Lower Mainland.

Safety is very important to us. Think about it. Do you really want to hurt your back or worst, have one of your staff members get injured while moving? We didn’t think so. Considering our great rates and professional movers, we think that Mule Moving is your best choice for moving your office in the Lower Mainland.

Moving Houses & Apartments




Moving Your Office




These are average rates. Prices may differ depending on each move.