About Mule Moving

Our humble beginning started at high school; two friends, new in Canada looking to start their own business. Both of us didn’t want to be bound to a desk. To this day, we help our staff with most of their moves. That’s what makes us happy and we’ll stand by that.

It’s not just about money. It’s about meeting new people and getting them to their new home. To see the look on their face when they move in is priceless for us.

We know it’s difficult and exciting to move. That’s why we take every measure to make sure your move is seamless and easy.

We’ll buy you pizza as long as you don’t have a family larger than 10 people 😊 You know how we care? We don’t just take your money. We want to feed you since you trusted us to move your home. It’s an emotional process. What better way to part ways than putting food your stomach?