The West End lies between English Bay to the west, Downtown Vancouver to the east, Stanley Park to the North and the posh condo towers of Yaletown to the south. It’s a densely populated area with gently rolling hills and features a wonderful mix of trendy restaurants and clubs, broad avenues and tree-lined streets, public parks and posh marinas as well as some of the oldest buildings in the city centre. Fans of high-end shopping will find a lot to like on and around Alberni Street in the West End. There’s also the Aquatic Centre, St Paul’s Hospital and of course, you’re only minutes from the office towers of downtown Vancouver; the financial heart of British Columbia.

But while there are plenty of reasons why folks want to live and work in the West End what there isn’t plenty of in this part of town is parking. As such relocating West End residents and businesses require a moving company that is on top of its game. Particularly when the job calls for a big rig or rigs. The narrow 1100 block of Pendrell Street, for instance, is one where trees are abundant and street side parking is always at a premium. Getting in and out without causing major disruptions is a priority in such areas. And while the parking situation is marginally better on Thurlow Street movers have to contend with the hilly terrain there; which of course brings with it its own logistical challenges.

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Because of all this, both commercial and residential moving jobs in the West End require copious planning. Drivers need to aware of the vagaries and limitations of each location, whether or not a particular West End business or building has a loading bay and whether or not the terrain is going to present a problem. As it can when large, heavy furniture is involved. In addition, traffic flow, the existence of designated residential parking, rubbish collection, weather and more all need to be taken into consideration before the job of relocating West End customers can get underway. For timely, professional moving services in the West End call Mule Moving.

Typical House/Apartment Moves

  • 1 Bedroom

  • $400-$600
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for apartments. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Bedrooms

  • $500-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for small houses and apartments.
  • 3+ Bedrooms

  • $700-$1,100
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for medium sized houses and large apartments.

Typical Office Moves

  • 1 Room

  • $500-$700
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a small sized office. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Rooms

  • $600-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a medium sized office. These moves tend to take an afternoon.
  • 3+ Rooms

  • $900-$1,500
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a large sized office. These moves larger moves and can last a day.