The city of Langley lies directly to the east of Surrey and is one of the smallest municipalities in Greater Vancouver, comprised of a bit less than 4 square miles of total area. The city split from the much larger Township of Langley in 1955 due to conflicting priorities. Today it is not only one of the smallest cities in BC it is also one of the most densely populated and developed as well. It presents some unique challenges for moving companies in Langley as the number of people living in detached single family homes is about the same as those living in multi-unit apartment blocks or condominium towers near the city centre. Over the past 30-odd years many Canadians have been relocating to Langley due to its highly developed infrastructure, its proximity to Vancouver and its myriad lifestyle advantages.

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Langley has a well-developed and thriving industrial zone to the north which straddles both sides of the Langley Bypass. In addition, the Willowbrook Shopping Centre is a major draw which can create traffic headaches for commercial movers in Langley, especially on the weekends. In spite of its physical limitations the City of Langley also manages to squeeze in an 18 hole golf course. And you don’t have to travel far from the city centre to find some of the most charming old tree-lined streets in Greater Vancouver, such as 49a Street and 204 Street. In areas such as these there is copious street side parking for moving companies in Langley and the level terrain makes things easy for residential movers and customers alike.

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Office and residential moving in Langley does not present the kinds of challenges you’ll find in North Vancouver and the jobs are pretty evenly split between businesses and residents. As such both residential and commercial moving companies in Langley are kept busy. The city has a number of strict parking ordinances that must be adhered to by commercial movers in Langley city centre. And in many cases moving companies in Langley will need to obtain permits to operate in certain high-traffic areas. All in all though, moving companies in Langley tend to think of it as ‘Vancouver Light’.

Typical House/Apartment Moves

  • 1 Bedroom

  • $400-$600
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for apartments. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Bedrooms

  • $500-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for small houses and apartments.
  • 3+ Bedrooms

  • $700-$1,100
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for medium sized houses and large apartments.

Typical Office Moves

  • 1 Room

  • $500-$700
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a small sized office. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Rooms

  • $600-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a medium sized office. These moves tend to take an afternoon.
  • 3+ Rooms

  • $900-$1,500
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a large sized office. These moves larger moves and can last a day.