Just to the south of the historic West End lies Yaletown. Yaletown features the largest collection of posh, high rise condo towers in northwest North America. It’s a vibrant, energetic neighbourhood with a decidedly upscale air about it that has undergone a fundamental transformation in the years since the 1986 Vancouver World Expo. Today, local Yaletown microbreweries rub elbows with leading edge fashion houses, open-air cafes and funky bistros along Hamilton and Mainland streets. While Rogers Arena and BC Place play host to professional sporting events and concerts by the world’s top entertainers. Yaletown is the OC of BC and in many ways the beating heart of Vancouver.

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While everyone loves international cuisine, world-class entertainment and luxurious residences the demands made on available space here create significant logistical challenges for Yaletown movers as well as their residential and commercial customers. While many Yaletown office complexes and luxury high rise condo developments feature private loading bays accessing them via often excruciatingly narrow alleys is no easy task. In addition, there are more than a few residential Yaletown buildings with no dedicated loading bay. This means that in many instances moving companies will need to find adequate street side accommodations while they work, something that’s not easy considering the amount of traffic in this part of town and the hilly terrain that reminds many of San Francisco.

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Because much of Yaletown has been developed or redeveloped in the past 30 years there are very few of the charming tree-lined lanes of the West End here. This is a serious urban landscape, albeit a meticulously considered and maintained one. Movers relocating commercial and residential Yaletown customers need to coordinate their efforts with the city and indeed temporary special zone permits are required in many cases. Those will need to be obtained at least 1 week prior to the designated moving date. There is also a 3-hour parking limit on vehicles not belonging to residents or business owners. And while the city is typically willing to make allowances for moving companies it’s helpful if the movers have experience dealing with such restrictions.


Typical House/Apartment Moves

  • 1 Bedroom

  • $400-$600
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for apartments. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Bedrooms

  • $500-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for small houses and apartments.
  • 3+ Bedrooms

  • $700-$1,100
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for medium sized houses and large apartments.

Typical Office Moves

  • 1 Room

  • $500-$700
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a small sized office. These are small moves, which don't last too long.
  • 2 Rooms

  • $600-$800
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a medium sized office. These moves tend to take an afternoon.
  • 3+ Rooms

  • $900-$1,500
    Flat rates
  • A typical moving estimate for a large sized office. These moves larger moves and can last a day.