Packing and unpacking are the things that make moving such a drag for most people. So in order to make the whole process just a bit more palatable we’re providing this handy list of packing tips.

  1. Have a plan – One of the best tips for moving is to take some time a couple of months before the big day and decide how you’re going to do this. Which room will be first, which will be last and how you’re going to get from first to last. Write it down and stick to it.
  2. Purge before you pack – Before you ever get to the packing stage go through everything in your home and decide what’s going with you and what’s not. Of the stuff that’s not, sell off what you can via a yard sale or eBay and toss the rest.
  3. Pick up your boxes early – Don’t wait to pick up the packing materials you’re going to need: boxes, tape, bubble wrap, old newspapers, labels, markers and more. And speaking of labels; make sure you label every box and use different colour markers or tape for different rooms.
  4. Just do it – Easier said than done we know but this is one of the most important packing tips. There’s just no substitute for putting out the first box and getting started. Procrastination will only make the whole process more stressful and confusing.
  5. Sort things by category – Separate things by category before packing them. That means separate boxes for shoes, books, cups, spices, cds/dvds and the like. It makes the job of unpacking much easier when every box isn’t full of a hodgepodge of different items.
  6. Heavy to light – One of the most basic packing tips is to always put heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top. This will not only make each box easier to carry but will also make for a more stable load inside the truck.
  7. Don’t pack valuables – Expensive watches, necklaces, rings and more along with important documents like passports and the moving contract need to be put in a strong box that’s separate from the rest of your things. This box should never be out of your sight on moving day.
  8. Don’t pack things you can’t take – You’re not allowed by law to pack bottles of liquor that have been opened, ammunition, fireworks and a slew of other things. Contact us before you start for a complete list of things you can’t pack.
  9. Be careful with bathroom items – A spilled bottle of shampoo can ruin your moving day so make sure that before you pack any bathroom item you unscrew the cap, cover the opening with plastic wrap and then screw the cap back on. You’ll be glad you did.
  10. Don’t fill big boxes with heavy items – Filling big boxes with heavy items like books, magazines and plates will do little but annoy the movers. A better way is to make sure heavy items go in smaller boxes and to save the larger boxes for lighter items like linens and window treatments.
  11. Don’t leave half-filled boxes – Nothing says “unstable load” like a bunch of half full boxes whose content is jostling about. Fill each box as completely as possible and fill any voids inside the box with bubble wrap or paper.
  12. Don’t mix rooms – It may be tempting to fill a half empty box with stuff from another room; don’t do it. Either transfer the contents to a smaller box or fill the void with bubble wrap or paper. Mixing rooms guarantees confusion during unpacking.
  13. Don’t scrimp on the tape – Too much tape is better than not enough. You don’t want the bottom falling out of a box when it’s being carried up the ramp into the truck. If there’s any doubt use a little extra tape.
  14. Let the mover handle the art – Anything you box yourself will be your responsibility so one of the best tips for moving is this: anything you want to have covered by the mover’s insurance let them pack it. That includes valuable artwork, expensive vases and more.
  15. Use original boxes for tech stuff – If you saved the boxes for the flatscreen TV, computer, DVD player and more you’ll be in luck come moving day. Packing these items back into their original boxes will make it less likely they’ll get damaged during the move.
  16. Pack dishes vertically – Conventional wisdom is to pack dishes flat but this can bring inordinate stresses down upon the dishes at the bottom of the stack. To avoid this pack dishes vertically wrapping each one
  17. with plenty of paper and put bubble wrap below and above them in the box.
  18. Pack a “Day One” box – The day you move in your life is going to be in boxes and you’re going to be exhausted so make sure you pack one box that has everything you need for this first day so you could conceivably get by without unpacking anything else.
  19. Take photos – One of the often overlooked tips for moving is to go behind your TV and take a picture of the setup; same with the PC and any other tech clusters. This will make it much easier to set everything back up once you’re in your new place.
  20. Keep moving materials handy – Make sure your tape, labels, markers, bubble wrap and more are all together in a single box that’s readily available in case you need it for anything on moving day.
  21. When you arrive – When unloading the truck make sure each box goes directly to the right room. Once everything is unloaded get the furniture set up first and then take on the boxes. Make sure you unpack each box completely before moving on.

If you take the above packing tips to heart the whole process will unfold in a much less labour-intensive, much less stressful way. Just remember that packing is a 2-stage process and you should always approach the packing stage with the unpacking stage in mind.