If you’re facing a big move in the near future you’re probably like most people and have a lot of questions. In an effort to help you make sense of everything we’ve prepared a list of the moving FAQs we hear most frequently from our clients.

Preparation FAQs

  • When should I start preparing for the move? – We recommend you start 2 months out from the day of the move. At that early point what you’ll be doing is separating the things you’re going to take with you from those things you’ll be donating to charity or throwing out.
  • Will I need to pack my large appliances? – Dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and more will be handled by our moving professionals. Your job will be to ensure they are clean, empty and ready to go.
  • Should I pack my computer myself? – You can if you wish but you need to remember that you’ll be responsible for anything you pack yourself. If you want to ensure every item is covered for damage or loss you should take advantage of our premium packing service.
  • Do I have to protect the floors myself? – Our moving technicians will assess your situation and make sure any hardwood floors or carpeting are properly protected.
  • Will I need to empty my dresser drawers? – Whether you empty the dresser drawers is entirely up to you. However, it’s common practice to remove any valuable or breakable items.
  • Do I have to pack my artwork? – Again, anything you pack yourself will be your responsibility. Most clients entrust their valuable artwork to our professional packing service.
  • Is there anything you won’t move? – Items prohibited by law from moving trucks and vans include propane and oxygen tanks, fireworks, ammunition and gasoline. Also keep in mind that while we will be happy to move your plants if you wish we cannot take responsibility for their condition upon arrival. We recommend you take any plants you can with your personally.

Delivery FAQs

  • How many men/women will you use to conduct the move? – That depends entirely on the size of the move. Some smaller moves can be handled by 2 or 3 of our professional movers. Large scale jobs may require several times that many personnel.
  • How long will the move take? – One of the most common moving FAQs but one that’s impossible to give a single answer to. It depends on the particulars of the move. A cross country move will obviously take far longer than a cross town move. Weather may also play a part as our primary concern is getting all your material to the new location safely and in one piece.
  • Do you provide short term storage? – If there’s a gap between when you move out and when you can move in we will arrange short term storage for your belongings if you wish. However, you must inform us of this need before any contracts are negotiated and signed.
  • What happens if there is an accident? – In the extremely unlikely event of something going wrong during the move you will be notified immediately as will all relevant local authorities, the insurance company and our head office. A full report will be filed with all necessary parties including the police and the insurance company.

Cost FAQs

  • How much will it cost? – Another of the most common moving FAQs. Unfortunately, as with time considerations the cost involved will depend entirely upon the particulars of the move: how many items, their size and weight, the number of staff involved, the distance to be travelled and more.
  • Will you guarantee your price? – Yes, as long as nothing changes from the time the contract is signed until the move is complete.
  • How can I pay? – While we accept most common forms of payment you should speak to one of our moving specialists to determine exactly which form of payment is best for you.
  • Do you offer expedited service? – Expedited service can be arranged but it will necessarily be at a higher rate.
  • Do you charge extra to pack my things? – We charge a competitive rate for our premium packing service and all charges will be clearly detailed in the contract.
  • Are there any other charges? – If you are moving a long distance you may incur “line haul charges” that are calculated by how heavy your shipment is and how far it is going. Also, if the truck must be parked an unreasonable distance from either the origin or destination property you may incur “long carry charges” to cover the extra portage involved. Likewise, if materials must be carried up and down flights of stairs there may be a “stair carry” charge involved.

Misc Moving FAQs

  • Can you transport pianos? – Yes, although you will need to cover the cost of any specialty equipment that may be required, such as a crane.
  • Will you move my pets? – Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for moving pets.
  • Can you move the liquor from my home bar? – We will as long as all containers are properly sealed and you take full responsibility for their safe conduct.
  • Can you move my car? – We can. Talk to one of our moving specialists to discuss details.
  • I own several guns. Can you transport them? – As long as the firearms are not loaded and you are not moving internationally, yes. We cannot however, transport ammunition for your firearms.

We hope you found this list of moving FAQs to be helpful. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any aspect of the moving process.