There are dozens of companies claiming to be the top local movers in Vancouver. None measure up to Mule Moving. Here’s why; Mule Moving doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to get you from point A to B. Our local movers have also been in the business for more than 10 years. Our moving company is not a drive by night organization. We take care of dozens of local moves a month at an affordable rate. You’re dealing with a moving company that’s not a big box organization or a tiny 2 man operation.

You’ll get a fair competitive moving rate with qualified and licensed movers.

Small Moves

Small moves are the fastest and easiest jobs for us. It could be that you’re moving from Vancouver to Kitsilano or Surrey to Burnaby. Mule Moving is equipped and ready to easily take care of small moves across the Lower Mainland without a hitch. All you have to do is call us in advance and set up an appointment. Small moves include:

  1. 1-2 bedroom apartments/townhomes
  2. Furniture
  3. Matrasses

Large Moves

Large moves include anything from 3+ bedroom apartments, townhomes, and houses. We own several trucks for different sized homes. Our movers can either pack your stuff or help you get everything for moving day. Mule Moving can also help with unpacking after the move is over. To this day, we haven’t broken one dish or anything fragile. Here’s a list of services we offer for all moves:

  • Packing and unpacking dishes
  • Packing a single item if you don’t know how
  • Packing valuables
  • Packing clothing so it doesn’t get dirty or ruined

Our Company

9 Employees

We have 9 employees at our moving company. Each employee is fully trained to make any move easy for you

3 Trucks

Our 3 trucks can take care of anything from small 1 bedroom moves to large office moves.

Being On Time

We take your time very seriously. Our movers are trained to take the best routes during rush hour to be on time.

Our Equipment

It’s not just about having a truck. We have blankets, dollies, wrapping paper etc. to safely move your belongings.


Moving doesn’t have to be hard. Some companies charge $1000+ for a simple one bedroom move. We don’t think that’s fair in a city where everything is ridiculously expensive. Our rates are very competitive while being just as good as any of the big box moving companies in the Lower Mainland.

Safety is critical to us. Think about it. Do you want to hurt your back or worst, have one of your family members get injured while moving? We didn’t think so. Considering our great rates and professional movers, we believe that Mule Moving is your best choice for small and large moves across our beautiful city.

Moving Houses & Apartments




Moving Your Office




These are average rates. Prices may differ depending on each move.