Your Guide to Cheap Furniture in Vancouver

Your Guide to Cheap Furniture in Vancouver

So you’ve made the move to Vancouver, set up your bank account, found a nice place to live that’s near the subway and just minutes from your new job and moved out of the hotel. Now it’s time to really put down some roots and we all know what that means don’t we? That’s right: furniture. Furniture says a lot about a person. But if it comes with an outrageous price tag and a design that’s so contemporary you can’t get comfortable in it then all it says is “pretentious”. And while Vancouver is many things to many people one thing it’s not is pretentious. It’s a hard working, forward looking, friendly, open place and everything about it reflects those fundamental values. So leave your preconceived notions at home and come with us as we scour the foothills of the North Shore Mountains for furniture bargains galore.

From Online to On the Street: Where to Find Cheap Furniture in Vancouver

It’s easy to pay too much for furniture in Vancouver. The great thing about this city though is that it’s also pretty easy to find some great furniture bargains if you know where to look. So join us as we explore some out of the way (and not so out of the way) places to find great discount furniture in Vancouver.

  • Liquidation Furniture– Located on Simpson Road in Richmond Liquidation Furniture has an incredible variety of contemporary and traditional furniture at very reasonable prices. They glean their stock from mostly high-end manufacturers who need to clear out last year’s inventory to make way for new pieces. Essentially you’ll find many of the same pieces here you would normally find in upscale furniture stores at drastically reduced prices. Everything from beds to patio furniture to sumptuous sofas and more ready to turn your new Vancouver apartment into an affordable showcase.
  • com – Just like the name says. These guys redefine bare bones retailing but they do so with a purpose: to keep their overhead down so they can pass the savings on to you. Their furniture is typically high quality and everything they offer is brand new. There’s no retail space where you can browse the pieces though, so you’ll need to be content with what you can see on their website. Rest assured though these guys have been around awhile and although they’re short on presentation they have a reputation for being stand-up retailers who provide good furniture at great prices. You can even do C.O.D. on your purchases.
  • Anizco Hotel Furniture Liquidators – Anizco supplies furniture that been obtained from hotels that have undergone renovations. Everything here is high quality and although it’s been used it’s all in good to excellent condition. You’ll find mattresses, lamps, tables and chairs and even artwork all at very reasonable prices. Anizco is located on Terminal Avenue near the Expo Skytrain stop so there is no need to venture into the suburbs. They have been around since 1981 and have a solid reputation for providing high-quality stuff. They regularly have upwards of 10,000 pieces on offer so if you can’t find something for your new apartment here we’re not sure what to say. If you’re serious about finding quality cheap furniture in Vancouver you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to Anizco Hotel Furniture Liquidators.
  • Craigslist– You knew this had to be on our list of places to find cheap furniture in Vancouver. It’s also tops on our list of where to find cheap furniture online. All those IKEA items you wanted but couldn’t afford? They’re right here at a fraction of what you would have paid for them out of the big box so you can indulge your Swedish contemporary furniture lust to your heart’s content. It’s also a great place to find the kind of quirky vintage pieces that really add character to a space without breaking the bank and they’ve got scads of decent second hand home office furniture in case you’re a digital nomad or your new job allows you to digitally commute from time to time.
  • Garage sales– During the warm weather months Vancouverites do yard sales like nobody’s business. And the mother of all yard sales occurs every June in the city’s Great Grandview neighbourhood when dozens of homes participate in one, community-wide yard sale of epic proportions. It’s like Portobello Road market with lawns and you’ll find everything here from coffee tables, to full sized mirrors for the back of your bathroom door to that vintage dining room set that completes your new digs. Great Grandview is bordered by Clark and Nanaimo, Broadway and Burrard Inlet. The one not-to-miss outdoor sales event of the year.
  • The Found and the Freed– Located in East Vancouver TF&TF has tons of vintage pieces (literally) that will blow you away with their quality. While some of the pieces are definitely pricey they also have a good variety of affordable, high-quality pieces sprinkled about. You won’t have to worry about being taken for a ride here because the owners know their stuff and make sure every piece is ready to wear (so to speak) right off the floor. One thing is for certain; any piece you bring home from TF&TF is going to be a conversation starter your guests will be eyeing jealously from the moment they see it. And it won’t break your bank. It will just look like it did.

Finding cheap furniture in Vancouver, BC is not as tough as it might seem to the uninitiated. The variety of choices you have and the generally outstanding quality of even the second-hand offerings means that it’s easy to find exactly the right mix of new and old to provide your new apartment with character and comfort without draining your bank account. Don’t settle for less by paying more than you have to. Affordable high-quality furniture in Vancouver is there for the taking. And now you know where to find it.

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